Dev Ops & Security Engineer

Job description

The Dev Ops & Security Engineer will be responsible for providing support and subject expertise. 
We are looking for a talented candidate to bring their extensive skills and knowledge to take on security and dev operations tasks in the company. In particular we need someone who can work on our cloud infrastructure and advise on legacy operations. 

To assist our marketplace the engineer must have knowledge of major cloud vendors - from both an implementation, maintenance and security perspective. You will need to be comfortable working on legacy and cutting edge systems - as well as understanding a multitude of services and solutions. Utilising; micro-services, traditional single node servers, data, corporation and systems with security topics and input to the team.

You must be a self-starter and somebody who will communicate efficiently and effectively in situations where the severity demands it.
Be proactive in monitoring and creation, perfecting existing monitoring systems and infrastructure.

Comfortable working alone or with teams in office and remotely. Not afraid to pitch in when emergency situations occur. Addicted to investigations and willing to take ownership of issues with support from the rest of the company.

Key Qualities:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills with ability to understand technology issues to communicate with team and stakeholders

  • Container and Dev Ops orchestration

  • Security specialisation

  • Able to multitask

  • Understanding of risk within corporate environment

  • Comfortable being part of team in high-level meetings regarding architecture and steering


  • Willingness to not be a single source of truth when explaining proposed works to live systems; and cross-referencing any solution works with team and stakeholders.

  • Able to create guidelines for other employees to follow and produce documentation concerning security topics and works

  • Understanding of programming languages : 
    • Go, Php, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C#, Java

    • Comfortable with doing some minor development when required

  • Expert at Git version control and working with many repositories and development tools / types - know about version control in general ( ie not git ). 

  • Expert at creating, maintaining and explaining Terraform IAC code and similar
    • Knowledge of alternatives such as Salt-Stack and Ansible

  • Possess brilliant CLI knowledge with experience in Bash, Powershell, Windows Command-Line

  • Has compiled software before - and understands operating system concepts such as system calls

  • Knowledge of Google Cloud and AWS and Azure, Redis, Mongo, Oracle, Mysql services
    • Kubernetes and legacy systems

  • Configuration Management and machine configuration

  • Linux, Unix, and Windows systems administration experience

  • Detailed knowledge of networking configuration from operational perspective of applications and services

  • Knowledge of Github Actions and Teams

  • IT formal standards experience and some ITSM knowledge is good to have ( regarding structure )


  • Help us determine risk factor

  • Focus on cloud

  • Find and devise solutions to security issues
    • Able to use oss and commercially available tooling and services

    • Able to translate into language for key stakeholders and ensure other engineers understand in detail

    • Work closely with engineers, developers, project and product managers and Corp IT

  • Participate in release management meetings for future works and current projects

  • Give input to Agile Work Streams and Internal Projects / Solutions
    • Participate in internal code reviews ( when applicable )

  • Securing systems
    • Data Visualization with Grafana, or OSS tools

    • Creation of alerting and refinement, enhancement

    • Expertise of resolving issues

  • Contribute to CI/CD solutions in the cloud, local and in regard to external services and code hosting such as Bitbucket, Github and Gitlab

  • Creation of new environments working on existing ones and working closely with quality assurance

  • Work on fun tools & projects


You will contribute to the development of the KLEKT marketplace to ensure that we are building a secure and scalable platform that meets the needs of Buyers and Sellers globally. With extensive experience in high traffic, highly transactional services and business critical applications you will be hands-on and capable of evolving the architecture. You will know what good looks like and collaborating with your team will strive to ensure that we are constantly improving while continuing to make progress towards our objectives.


Bring pragmatic is critical to us achieving our goals. You will be well versed in being part of the decision making process to ensure that we are making the right decisions for the short, mid and long term.


  • Can do attitude

  • Problem solver

  • Attention to detail

  • Embraces change

  • Able to work independently and with autonomy

  • Confident communicator with technical and non-technical colleagues

  • Understanding the need to keep things simple

  • Passion for user experience and data over opinions

  • Willing to ask the “stupid” questions

  • Willingness to take responsibility and make things happen